Galaxy S9 Will Be Released In Late February 2018

Samsung has confirmed that people have been waiting for the release of one of its newest gadgets. In the CES 2018, Samsung owners have announced the Galaxy S9 released officially in February next on the carpet Mobile World Congress or MWC 2018, as quoted from ZDnet. Both Samsung’s premium smartphones will be on display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona held in late February.

ETNews reported, once the new year celebration is over, the Galaxy S9 production will begin. According to component suppliers, one of the changes that existed on the Galaxy S9 is a motherboard similar to the iPhone X. In addition to providing better performance, the motherboard also allows manufacturers to insert larger batteries.

Galaxy S9 Will Be Released In Late February 2018

As mentioned by TechRadar, ahead of the launch of Galaxy S9, there have been many rumors circulating. Reportedly, Samsung will still install the audio port on the Galaxy S9. Samsung will use Snapdragon 845 as a processor. Based on a leaked rendering image of the Galaxy S9, it seems to have an embedded fingerprint sensor on the screen. Samsung is rumored to be still using the Infinity Display screen with a ratio of 18.5: 9. The Galaxy S9 plan has a bezel that is made to be smaller, so 90 percent of the body will be a screen.

Unlike the Galaxy S8 which was unveiled in March and went on sale one month later, the Galaxy S9 will be announced a bit faster, and maybe the deal will start in March. If rumors circulated some time ago is true, then Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 could also be the first smartphone that has 512GB of internal memory. But it seems the company is still considering whether the amount of storage is too much or not, even though it has prepared the mind.

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