LG G6 Battery

LG G6 Battery

It can’t be denied that battery is one of the most crucial considerations in choosing a smartphone. That’s why many people are asking this classic question about how’s the battery life of a handset. Related to the newly announced flagship of LG, the same issue is following the whole presentation about the LG G6. Since the new handset is not available on the market today, we can’t tell you precisely about LG G6 battery life. But we have all details about the new flagship’s battery from the creator who has provided all data about the battery that we can analyze. From all provided details about the LG G6, we can estimate the charging time and the capacity of the battery.

LG G6 Battery Capacity

LG G5 as the predecessor of the G6 has a 2800mAh power pack. This juicer is smaller than the G4 which has 3000mAh batteries. Both the G4 and the G5 use the removable battery as the power pack for the phone. Now, apparently, the company ditches this kind of removable batteries by putting a non-removable one on the new flagship. LG G6, as the new handset of LG G series, comes with a significantly larger battery, 3300 mAh unit. With this new juicer on the new LG flagship, we are optimistic about the phone longevity. Our optimism is realistic since 3300 mAh as the LG G6 battery is pretty much larger than 2800mAh.

Anyway, with the use of Snapdragon 821 chip in the new LG G6 supposed to give nearly the same to the amount of power in LG G5 which uses Snap Dragon 820. With this one factor, we expect the increased capacity will effectively increase the phone longevity to about 15-20% in the LG G6. Hopefully, with the new non-removable battery design of the new G6, the battery life fit to the performance of the LG G6 so that the phone has better longevity than its predecessor.

LG G6 Battery charging time

Charging time usually depends on the battery capacity. It means that if the company increases the battery size, there is a possibility for the longer charging time of the battery. It naturally happens to almost all battery, and seemingly it is the same case with the LG G6 battery. With the 2800mAh capacity of the G5 needs about 76 minutes of charging time, it means we are now looking at about 96 minutes to charge the battery of the G6 with 3300mAh capacity fully. In consideration that the new G6 is powered by Quick charge 3.0, the estimation of the G6 charging time is pretty short.Well, that all we can tell you about the LG G6 so far. We’d be excited to inform you about the battery life of the LG G6 as soon as possible after having all that we need to test it, and of course, it will be only possible when we have held the handset.

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