Smart Glasses Similar to Google Glass From Alexa

Five years after Google launched Google Glass and a year later Snapchat sells Spectacle spectacles to the public, it is now another company’s turn to try its luck in the sophisticated eyewear business.

Smart Glasses Similar to Google Glass From Alexa

Vuzix, a New York-based eyewear producer, who this time plunged to compete. The difference, Vuzix Blade glasses will integrate the product with Alexa digital assistant. The main feature of Alexa’s sunglasses is augmented reality (AR). Thanks to Alexa technology, users can operate the glasses only by voice. For example, a user can order Alexa to open a map or display the results of the latest sports match.

Glasses Vuzix Blade is the first smart sunglasses that use technology, Alexa. Amazon, as the holder of Alexa technology, welcomes this collaboration because they want to bring Alexa to many types of devices. Alexa’s digital assistant was first introduced through Echo speakers also made by Amazon in 2014 ago. Commercially, Echo is the most popular intelligent speaker device. Echo outperformed competitors like Google Home and Home Pod from Apple.

Unlike the Google Glass that carries the design Unique, Vuzix Blade actually creates a design that like glasses in general.
In October 2017 yesterday, Amazon with Sonos introduced intelligent speakers who utilize the Alexa technology. One of Sonos’s smart capabilities is controlling the music player.

As the first eyewear with Alexa, Vuzix pegged it with the price is quite expensive. Expected to release in the second quarter of this year, Vuzix will label each unit at the cost of US $ 1,000. Vuzix admits the price of his glasses is very expensive. That’s why they expect to push rates as fast as possible.

“The ultimate goal is to sell those glasses under the US $ 500, and we can make it happen in 2019,” said Vuzix CEO Paul Travers. Quoting Bloomberg, Vuzix Blade glasses plan will be exhibited in the event the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas, USA. Then in the middle of the year, Vuzix will start selling it.

So far only Google and Snapchat have been penetrated smart eyewear business. Google is known to make Windows Glass a success commercially. While Snapchat’s Spectacles Goggles only integrated into the service. Commercially, Spectacles fared similarly like Google Glass that dims over time.

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