The New iPad Pro 2017

The New iPad Pro 2017 – This Apple’s new iPad will be 10.9 inches and not have bezels, just as there is speculation it will be iPhone 8, analysts agree. Analysts said the 9.7 model inches will be the least expensive Pro model, and that Apple 12.9 model will update inch, in addition to that debut of 10.9 inches with the same size as the 9.7 inch but with a screen without bevels. The report does not specify if the three models will be launched without bevels, or only 10.9 inches will be he that has this type of screen.

iPad Pro 2 2017

iPad Pro 2017

Apple did not release any iPad this year, beyond a Pro version of 9.7 inches; Currently, Apple does not have a model of 10.9 inches in their inventory. In addition, the three new iPad screens will not be OLED, Apple plans to add this technology to your tablet, but it will wait for 2018 to do so. The analyst said that Apple will remove the bezels on the iPad because it will also do so on the iPhone 8.  While next year will be when Apple releases new iPad 10.5 inches, according to Kuo, the Cupertino giant plans a radical change for tablets, surely to advertise on models of 2018.

The analyst says that tablets this year will have a new design and screen AMOLED, something feasible given that it is believed that Apple will release an iPhone screen OLED (very similar to AMOLED) in 2017. Apple introduced the Pro line for its iPad tablet in September 2015, alongside the iPhone 6. On that occasion the phone manufacturer only showed the model of 12.9 inches; but months later, in March, Apple announced the model Pro of 9.7 inches.

iPad Pro Manual

iPad Pro Manual РWith the launch of the iPad Pro, Apple eliminated the iPad Air line, although it still sells the latest models as input tablets. Not much time has passed since the launch of the iPad of 9.7-inch pro, and Apple apparently does not rest. Already started the rumors for what would be the next iPad Pro, and everything points to a new screen with a new size never seen before on Apple devices. Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his predictions, has now focused on the iPad Pro and ensures that Apple is entering a period of important change for the next two years. the iPad Pro would be one of the first to show a change in the year 2017, which would come with a 10.5-inch display. Read more about iPad Pro manual.

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