Tim Cook Promise to Fix a Slow iPhone

Tim Cook promises iPhone users will be able to monitor battery health on their devices. As reported in Phone Arena, offers the option of disabling the power management system that makes the CPU slows down, along with the warning of dead phone risk.

iPhone users since last month were upset because their old phones slowed down because Apple accidentally incorporated such features to keep the phone from dying. The feature they named “power management” has an impact on the iPhone 6 engine and its successors, who are using an old-made battery so the phone can die suddenly because it is not enough power to perform the function.

Tim Cook Promise to Fix a Slow iPhone

Apple later acknowledged the error and offered a rebate for replacement batteries at their official outlets. Slow iPhone issues after iOS update have been a lot of coloring related news Apple lately. But now Apple brings improvements through the latest iOS update. Apple CEO Tim Cook says the next iOS 11 update will allow iPhone users to disable throttling battery performance on their smartphones.

This decision was made after Apple admitted to having deliberately made the iPhone slow when the device is getting older, in order to prevent problems that may arise when the battery is drained. In an interview with ABC News, Tim Cook said the update would be available next month, in a developer release before it was finally released to the public. “We will give people visibility of their battery health so transparent. It has never been done before, “said the Apple CEO.

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In addition, Cook says the iOS update will more clearly inform users when their iPhone reduces its performance automatically, in the iPhone attempt to die suddenly. This solution itself can also be turned off if the user feels no need. However, Cook does not recommend it in order to maintain the performance of the iPhone.

Reported by The Verge, iOS 11 beta update for developers is likely to be present in early February. The release for the public will fall in March.Previously, many users complained about his slow iPhone after IOS update. Apparently, the update is intended Apple to manage battery power. Unfortunately, performance slowdown is one of the perceived impacts of users of the update. Even so, Apple denied deliberately making the iPhone battery slow. The Cupertino-based company said it was trying to manage battery power so the iPhone did not die suddenly. Apple self-did not reveal it before so many users filed a lawsuit. Class action lawsuits even emerge from a number of countries such as France, South Korea, and China.

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