Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Today we’ll talk about my Notebook Air 12, it is the most economical model, it has a 12.5-inch screen. It is the perfect laptop for every day, thanks to its Intel Core processor m3 is possible to perform most tasks without any problems, provided they are not demanding such as video editing.

This does not mean that it is not possible to edit video, only that it will take more than the model with Intel Core i5 processor. No, although it seems, the computer of photography that leads this analysis is not a MacBook Air.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Review

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Review

This is the Xiaomi Notebook Air, that, undoubtedly, has taken borrowed them lines aesthetic of its competitor American at the time of creating the stylized body of aluminum of its first foray in the sector of them computers portable. But it has not to be outdone, but it has improved them. In the first place, has attained create a terminal more small, slim and light that the of Apple, although the version more large and powerful has a screen of the same dimensions (13.3 inches).

The materials are top quality and jumps to the view that it is a robust computer. In addition, in a decision that is appreciated, Xiaomi has decided to dispense with the logo at the top, something that makes it more elegant and less ostentatious than the bite Apple back-lit. The comparison with the MacBook Air not is a whim of this journalist. It is that own Xiaomi, Lei Jun, CEO made over and over again during the launch in Beijing of his two computers, the 13.3-inch (1.25 kg) and 12.5 inches (1.07 pounds).

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It is a parallel which is surprising, considering that the similarities are only aesthetic. Because Xiaomi computer works with Windows 10, a difference that the ‘fanboys’ of the Californian company is quick to point out in all forums in which is discussed on the apparatus to affirm the superiority of the MacBoook Air. To end of July the manufacturer Chinese Xiaomi launched the My Notebook Air, a laptop with Windows 10. You could say that Xiaomi has entered through the front door in the segment of the portable PCs. It is a team that is very well both at the level of hardware and building materials. There are devices that are superior in technical specifications and cost more or less the same, but my Notebook Air says that it has a balance.

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