Xiaomi Unveils Affordable Camera Drone

The Xiaomi Mi Drone is a stabilized quadcopter with the built-in rotating camera. The Mi Drone is substantially cheaper than comparable camera drones. So the rate is the entry level model with 1080 p camera 2499 yuan (converted 338 euros), and the 4 k version 2999 yuan (405 euros). Market leader DJI sells its cheapest drone with 4 k camera for 899 euros in Netherlands.

Xiaomi Mi Drone Guide

Xiaomi Mi DroneThe Mi Drone may 27-minute flight on his battery with the capacity of 5,100 mAh. In addition to a removable battery are also individual parts of the drone replaceable. The drone can be put on a smartphone for viewing live video from the drone. The range is up to 2 km. The 4 k camera under the Mi Drone 3840 x 2160 pixels at a resolution of films with 30 frames per second, and can take RAW photos. The 1080 p version films with 60 frames per second.

The detachable 3-axis stabilizer corrects itself according to Xiaomi 2000 times per second. The drone can take off and land with a special button, and also lands itself when the battery is almost empty. Or Xiaomi the drone also outside China brings to the market is not yet known. Although Xiaomi in China is very popular on the smartphone market, sells it in Europe only accessories such as headphones and portable Chargers.

Despite these certainly, not unkind specifications gets the Mi Drone a particularly advantageous price tag with it. The 1080 p HD version is approx $380 costs, while the 4 k version a pricing of around $450. This makes a lot more beneficial than the Phantom the Mi Drone 3 4 k, currently for $800 by owner.

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