Design Evaluate and Manage the experience of your tools, products and online channel for business success


 User centered Design  Usability Evaluation  UX Strategy
  • Software product design
  • Web based products, tools
  • Desktop products
  • Mobile and tablet apps design
  • Portals and web design
  • Desktop and web Products
  • Public facing web Portals
  • Cloud Applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Setting up UX practice
  • Defining UX strategy for your products, portals
  • Consulting the UX process


Design Online channel From Idea to products UX Training
  • Strategy for online channel for your business
  • Manage Acquisition > Engagement > Conversion > Loyalty lifecycle
  • Design for Online channel
  • Partners in the journey of idea to successful products
  • Product concepts >wire frames > prototypes
  • Mobile apps and internet ecosystem
User experience Design and validation training’s

  • UX introductory familiarization sessions
    Hands on workshops
    Quick training for the Project teams
    UX process in Agile environments