Welcome to genesishci.com, the one stop place for solutions on online marketing and web design.

As the penetration of the internet grows, more businesses are finding themselves looking for online solutions to market their businesses and brands. This site will help you to not only grow your brand, but also increase sales. Amidst the ever growing number of people who are coming up with websites every day, we give you the magic you need to make your site visible among thousands others. We offer many tips and guides on how to use your website to advance your business and gain web traffic.

Finding the right design

Your website is the first place people visit when they come to your site. When you are setting up your site, you should give it the same thought that you would when you are going for the first interview or a date. You want to impress and show some seriousness that would entice people to keep coming back. We offer you the basic principles of setting up a good website. Some of the basics include:

  • Being consistent
  • Keeping things simple.
  • Making your site easy to navigate.
  • Having easy load-ability.

Once you have mastered these basics, you will not only improve your visibility, but you will also start getting an increase in the traffic you get. Once there is a good traffic build, what follows is increase in sales.

Marketing tips for small businesses

Small businesses find it hard to compete with the big online retailers who have dominated the internet. Our site has useful information for small business owners that will give them an edge in finding the tips to make their companies stand out. We offer solutions such as using search engine optimisation, exploring social media and using gifts and promotions to compete in the online marketplace. The section gives you practical solutions on how you can grow a sleepy website into a high ranking site.

Building audience base

One of the biggest challenge for people with websites is finding a strong audience base. The so called generation z (born in the mid 90s and beyond) are getting more impatient, and if you want to catch their interest, you must have the right strategies. We have a focus on that generation and give well researched options on how to make sure you are not missing out on that crucial generation. It is in doing simple things such as having a heavy social media presence, making your website mobile friendly and easy to navigate that makes all the difference.

Mistakes to avoid when building website

There are some things that you could be doing on your website design that can ultimately make you lose traffic. Our website goes in-depth on the Dos and Donts of designing a website. There are things that you may be getting wrong, such as having an inconsistent interface, or getting overexcited and launching your site without having an analytic review on how it looks. It also emphasises on using social media networks to share information.

Generally, we explore the Dos and Donts of designing a website and ensuring that your company is marketable online. The struggle most people always have is putting a website that is solid enough to sustain the interest of people who are roaming the internet. Consider us the solution you need to be different.