Today, Generation Z (adults born in the mid-90s) is more apparent and is receiving so much attention from online entrepreneurs. Did you know that over 68 million Americans are in Gen-Z, according to The New York Times? These younger digital consumers are taking over the millennials. Adapted to a digital globe, Generation Z’s attention span is incredibly quick. In less than a minute, they can decide whether your site is worth their time or not.

Does your website design offer an engagement experience that appeals to digital consumers? Would you like to make your website Gen-Z friendlier? Read this post to learn tips about how to engage this generation.

1.Simple Intuitive Web Interface

This is one of the most critical Gen-Z design trends. Because these digital shoppers make purchasing decisions really fast, an over-the-top web interface is likely to make them lose interest. Similarly, an old-fashioned platform puts them off.

If you really want to format your website for Gen-Z users, look for ways to make these hyperactive users stay on your site. An expensive design is not necessary. Rather, focus on functionality so it can satisfy the user’s intention. Here’s a list of qualities that define a simple and intuitive web design:

• Quick loading

• Intuitive navigation

• Functional

• Minimal distractions e.g. few colors, animations and symbols

• No clutter or unnecessary prompts

2.Optimize for Mobile

Not so many members of the Z generation use desktops. Consider a screen experience for the on-the-go shopper, who has no time for confusion or tangled elements. The vast majority of Gen-Z is in school. They use phones to communicate and keep up with trends.

As such, they’ll leave a site that takes too long to load. If they encounter a single error on a page, that’s the end of their time on your site. Yes, these guys have no patience!

So, to keep the Z Generation locked to your blog, upload responsive images and make sure that all the CTA buttons are clickable via mobile. After all, you want to convert leads to sales. Consult a web designer to help in testing how mobile-friendly your website is.

3.Robust Social Media Presence

How do young shoppers recognize your brand over the internet? First, integrate your social media channels in your blog. It’s one of the best strategies for Gen-Z marketing campaigns.

Secondly, post consistent and compelling content on social media. When promoting your brand through YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, don’t forget three things: diversity, social responsibility, and video content. These platforms can help you garner new leads.

As you try to keep up with Gen-Z websites, be creative but smart. If you focus on the above 3 tips, you could bring a million visitors to your website who will have a huge impact on your online authority.