The design of a website determines whether users will stay on the page or move on. If you are creating a website, you should focus on its appearance, and how usable it is. Always remember that your website represents what you stand for, and people who come to it will form an opinion about your brand as soon as your website loads. That is why you should put a lot of thought in creating a web design. Some of the principles of good web design are as follows.

It is Simple

When it comes to designing a website; less is more. You should just have the basics of what the website is all about, and the things which you think will matter to your users. Avoid cluttering information together and having too many elements on the site. If your website is complex, users will find it hard to navigate and opt to leave. Simple web design makes it easy for users to explore and find the content you intend them to consume.

It is Consistent

A sign of a good website is consistency. It is the little things which matter. What font size are you using? Take note and make sure it is consistent through the site. To take charge of the consistency, you should note the CSS you have used, so that you can refer to the style of your site. You should have a keen eye to notice that the colours, headings, and other details remain consistent. Otherwise, it will end up looking untidy and unprofessional.

It is Readable

The essence of having a website is for people to be able to read your content. It, therefore, makes sense, if your content can be read by everyone who is navigating the site. Think about the font, background, and how easy it is to scroll through the pages. It is only when your articles are readable that you will be able to get high ranking on the search engines. If your content is not readable due to faulty design, then you will always be ranked low.

You should also think about the colour of the background upon which your photos lie. If you use the wrong background, then the image will get swallowed up, and nobody will be able to make sense of what you are trying to communicate.

It is Compatible to Mobile

A good website is one where users can access it both on computer and mobile. A large percentage of people access the internet on their phone, so it only makes sense that the design allows mobile access. Online casinos have capitalised on ensuring users can access them on the phone. If you visit Unibet New Jersey, which is a relatively new website, you will realise that they have a mobile version of it and more people are accessing it that way.

It Has Easy Loadability

One of the most irritating things found on the internet is going to a site which takes forever to load. You can be sure that if your website takes more than five seconds to open, nobody is going to wait around to see the kind of content you have. Some of the reasons why pages take long to load could be the design and the features used in it. Use the right coding and get the right photo and video sizes, so that the page can load faster.

Having a good design goes a long way, since, if you have the right one, you will get more visitors to your site. More visitors translates to brand recognition, and this can lead to good sales. If you are not sure of how to go about designing your website, it is advisable to work with a professional.